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Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Tips 1
When you are repairing a faucet, it is a good idea first to line your sink with a towel. This will help to prevent small parts from sliding down your drain, and it
will also help to prevent your tools from damaging the basin of your sink.
Plumbing Tips 2
If you need to replace your faucet, try a single-handle faucet with a stainless steel design. These faucets are a long-lasting alternative to standard faucets because they have just one moving part. Because of this, they reduce problems from worn washers, which can result in leakage issues. They are also easier to repair because of a water-control mechanism in new models that are in cartridges. The cartridges are easy to replace if need be.
Plumbing Tips 3
When cleaning your kitchen, try to avoid chemical cleaners, especially if your drainpipes or traps are made of cast-iron, steel, or brass. Some chemicals can corrode these items. But, cleaners containing sodium hydroxide or sodium
nitrate can be used if they are only used every few months.
Plumbing Tips 4
Make sure you know the location of every water shut-off valve in your house, as well as your main shut-off valve, and how they operate. This will be helpful if you
are having a plumbing emergency, as you will quickly be able to shut off your
water flow if need be.
Plumbing Tips 5
When cooking, DO NOT pour grease down the sink, nor dispose of coffee grounds by washing them down the sink. These are two major ways in which kitchen drains can get clogged.

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